What are Casino Parties?

Casino parties are one of the most popular theme parties in America! They are excellent for birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, fundraisers, company celebrations, and other public celebrations. Unlike regular casinos, there is no gambling at a casino party which makes it all the more fun. They make for marvelous nights where beginners can learn how to play all the games and seasoned players can practice their strategies with no financial risk. Our casino parties include simple games like blackjack and roulette, or can be organized into a poker tournament. There are hundreds of possibilites for fun.

We can complete your casino night event

Aces Casino Parties offers a complete experience for anyone that is in need of night of delight. We can service any party as small as twenty guests to even more than a thousand guests. We have every game you could want including blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, and various bonus games such as baccarat, wheel of prizes, and more! We use all of our own handmade tables and highly trained dealers which can service any venue in Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming. All parties include the setup, dealing, and take-down of the casino tables. We provide Las Vegas grade chips and cards as well as deluxe hardwood tables designed with vinyl armrests and felt table coverings. Ask around, and all of our clients will tell you we are the very best in casino parties in the Rocky Mountain area.

Discuss your options or Book a Party

Are you ready to get started with your own event? Feel free to call us or email us and get any questions you may have answered. There is also an email form available which you can get an estimate based upon your needs and submit it directly to us to get a proposal. Click here for the email form, but know that final prices are subject to change due to availability and needs. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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